As has been since 2006, RJ is operating bent spoon Media (now an LLC), where he is a communications consultant: writing, recording voice-overs, producing eLearning materials and corporate videos.

The most recent bent spoon Media production is a documentary film with the working title "What is Good Parenting?" Pre-production has been ongoing for a few years, and cameras have finally started rolling on production.

Trusting Education, a 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in September of 2013 by RJ. Spring-boarding off of the years spent writing about parenting, and eventually about how parenting and education collide, Trusting Education is actively promoting how parenting influences, and creates new opportunities in education.

bent spoon (.net) will still periodically post original writing by RJ about parenting.

Trusting Education is where you'll find original writing by RJ on the topics of parenting, and education, as well as daily curated content by parenting experts from around the Web.

And of course my first book, IMHO published in 2009, is available at, Barnes and Noble, and directly through my print on demand service,


RJ Lavallee